VETA Project

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VETA ("Values in Education: Teens in Action!") is an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership schools education which involves eight countries of the European Union (Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Spain andSweden).

Taking as basic references the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and the six major headings of the Treaty of Lisbon regarding fundamental rights and values for European Citizens (Dignity, Freedom, Equality, Solidarity, Citizenship and Justice), the main aim of this project is to raise awareness among teenagers of shared values and rights as Europeans, and to make them active in the process of disseminating and spreading messages in a common language,to foster these values.In order to achieve this aim, and bearing in mind the priority policies of developing transversal skills, enhancing ICT and contributing to improving the attainment of youngsters, we intend to develop our project around three pillars, these being the English Language, Education for Citizenship, and Cinema, by means of integrating Values education within the English Subject lessons, watching, debating and working cooperatively on worldwide produced films and short films, and finally producing the project's own short films and Public Service Ads (PSA) together with their teaching guides, so that the products can be disseminated and used by other schools in Europe.

Thus, the topics we will be dealing with are Values, the means will be short films and movies, and the vehicle will be the English language.

Our project aims at students between 15 and 18, a very critical moment in their lives. Although values are long acquired before this stage through family and other sources, it is the role of schools to foster positive democratic values and to provide students with the opportunity of reflecting upon and identifying appropriate values for their adult life.

Amongst the challenges we face at our schools we find the need to provide students with meaningful and competence-focused learning, avoiding school leaving and combating failure in education, integrating students from very different backgrounds, fostering a positive classroom environment, motivating students to improve their level of English as a lingua franca within the EU, and preparing students for an active citizenship and participation in their adult life, being able to discuss and work cooperatively with people from different countries within a common Europe.

One of the keys to promote such meaningful learning is related to the fact of students being able to express their own views and of being heard, thus becoming the central elements of the teaching- learning process. Therefore we will focus not only on watching, subtitling and discussing short films and movies based on Values, but on creating student-produced short movies or PSA and teaching guides in English, so that they can be reutilized by other schools.

Moreover our project provides students who usually feel that English as a Foreign language is just another subject, with a real reason to use it, and with an added motivation to learn a different European language. This fact actually follows the European Union language policies, which encourage all its citizens to be multilingual; specifically, they are encouraged to be able to speak two languages in addition to their mother tongue.

We expect all the activities carried out by the students will contribute to the development and achievement of Key Competences, not only Communicative Competence (by helping to broaden students minds and to make them aware of the necessity of learning foreign languages for their own benefit, to express their views and concerns.) but also Social and Civic Competence, Sense of initiative and Entrepreneurship and Learning to learn